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Kim and Erica Crawford

For us,
it’s never
a sacrifice
on wine quality
– it’s an exploration of taste.

We follow our deeply held belief in low intervention, sustainable farming which permits the wine to show its true and naked terroir. Even if you’re unmoved by what goes into a glass, relish the unbridled flavours and aromas. It’s exciting to produce wines of this quality uninterrupted by pressures of conformity but expressive of the nature and the grape and the craft of the winemaker. We’ve always been unconventional. And sometimes, it’s what’s not in our wine glass that makes it so good. Enjoy. Erica and Kim Crawford. Viticulturist. Winemaker. Farmers. Innovators.

Loveblock Vineyard

Grown with love.
      Made with care.

It’s exciting to produce wines of this quality, uninterrupted by pressures of conformity but expressive of the nature and the grape and the craft of the winemaker.

We’ve always been unconventional. And often, it’s what’s not in our wine glass that makes it so good. Enjoy.

Meet Erica

Wife, Mother, Founder, Viticulturist

The organic winemaking philosophy was anchored when life forced me to carefully and progressively examine the chemical nature of my immediate environment.

I slowly started eliminating additives, colorants and stimulants from my diet and life. The effect was cumulative and I gradually embraced Organics.

As we converted the sheep paddock to vineyard, we took the decision to tackle Organics, a cause that is deeply personal for me.

We’ve learnt so much through this process; most importantly, that the rhythm of the seasons and land demands submission. The results of our labour stem from the what the land provides.

It is really exciting to be back making wine and tasting all the flavours we’re producing. I simply love the wine industry – it’s unique, it’s invigorating, it’s an integral part of my life.

A little about my past… I’m a graduate of the University of Cape Town, started life as an aspirational medical scientist and then progressed to the pharmaceutical industry where I cut my teeth on business principles. I made New Zealand home after marrying the fantastic Kim. We have two wonderful children, Rory and Pia.

For nine years, Kim and I founded and grew a gloriously successful wine brand and then sold that business. Loveblock heralds our return to the wine industry. We’re back.

I’m an active member of the Global Women NZ Advisory Board, an organization which works to expand the influence of women and helps to shape and mentor emerging leaders. I also hold a number of directorships, both in the wine industry and in other business sectors.

Meet Kim

Husband, Father, Founder, Winemaker

I’m from a Waikato farming family. I grew up with a real love of the land, our stock and our people. It’s a great way of life in New Zealand – it instils respect for the environment, and a knowledge that greater things can be achieved with a close family team around you. 

It certainly prepared me for the challenge of Loveblock – Erica and I purchase what was a rugged piece Marlborough land in 2006 – and we set about taming it in to a sustainable farm and vineyard.

With a higher altitude, north facing slopes and arid conditions atop alluvial soils, I knew this large farm had the potential to produce distinct and intense flavours.

I’m the other half of Loveblock. I’m the winemaker. I’ve being mastering winemaking some 30 years and couldn’t be prouder of the result.

My fundamental approach with winemaking is not to bend produce to a preconceived shape but to breathe life into what I’m provided. I am just fortunate that we’re in a position to nurture and develop great wine from an amazing environment. I’m doing what I love.

 I trained at New Zealand’s Massey University and went on to specialise in Oenology (the science and study of wine and winemaking) at South Australia’s Roseworthy College. 

My first jobs included assisting with vintages at Arrowfield in NSW’s Hunter Valley, Stags Leap Winery in Napa Valley (where I learnt a lot about coffee) and Backsberg Estate in South Africa – you guessed it; that’s where I met Erica. 

I returned to New Zealand in 1988 and honed my winemaking skills at Coopers Creek Vineyard for some 10 years. For the following nine years, Erica and I forged a wine brand we grew very proud of. Following its global success we sold to an international liquor company. Loveblock heralds our belated but welcome return to the wine industry.

If you know me, I’m not won to shout about our successes – I’m grateful for our success and humbled by the accolades bestowed on us – we’ve produced many Spectator Top 100 wines and won umpteen trophies and medals – trademark constraints prevent me from listing them.

Aside from the wine that engrosses my life, I absolutely love hunting and hunting – if you ever in my neck of the woods you should join me!

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