Loveblock: a piece of land, a company and a journey for all the people involved, has always been a labour of love. From the very beginning this project for Erica and Kim was seen as a challenge which only their joined passions could overcome.

Loveblock was purchased in 2006 when Erica fell in love with the view from the top of the hills overlooking Marlborough’s Awatere Valley. It is far removed from the agricultural bustle below, and lifts you above your troubles for a moment. It feels like you can see the end of the earth from up there.

Kim affectionately named the land Duelling Banjos after the song which was also his ringtone (for far too long…). The land was untamed at this time with an interesting aspect. Being one of the highest vineyards in Marlborough, the Loveblock had a unique set of challenges which he used his childhood knowledge of farming and ever-developing knowledge of wine-making to tackle.

Along with Kim’s cultivation tactics, Erica’s love of the organic philosophy came into play and we saw Loveblock develop as an integrated organic farm. She’s been throwing out junk food for years and moving further and further into the bio-dynamic lifestyle, so it only makes sense the family business would be affected by this.

As time went on, a lot of labour was being pushed into the vineyard. As the land was cultivated and cared for Erica began to affectionately refer to the vineyard with the pet-name Loveblock.

“How’s my Loveblock coming along?”

And from this the name stuck. It’s very true to the company – everyone who works in Loveblock is there out of love. It’s a company for passion, not so much profit.