Phil Parker: Out of the Ordinary

2019 Loveblock TEE Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

An intriguing take on the Marlborough Sauvignon style. This wine has green tea added as an alternative antioxidant to sulphur dioxide (SO2). Quite shy aromas of peach and a hint of feijoa. On the palate there are soft acids and complex, multi-layered flavours of feijoa, mandarin, canned peach, and a perfumed hint of herbal green tea, with a crisp and lengthy finish. Fab with Vietnamese cuisine, e.g. fresh vege or prawn rolls.

2020 Loveblock Marlborough Gewurztraminer

A very elegant, yet complex example of one of my favourite wine varieties. Not at all your big and bold oily, sweet and perfumed OTT Gewurztraminer. No, this wine has subtle aromas of pear juice and a hint of jasmine. A musky off-dry palate with lychee, rock melon and a bit of preserved ginger. Finishes yeasty, crisp and tangy. Great with Vietnamese or Malaysian cuisine.

Phil Parker, Ponsonby News (November 2020)