A tasty look at sav blancs

Mid-January. Depending on where you are as you read this, you may be basking in the glow of summer and dreaming of a cool sav blanc, the condensation forming beads as it trickles down the bottle.

Of course, writing this ahead of publication is fraught with the risk that it could actually be cool and bucketing down, with sturdy reds far more in your sights?

I’ll take my chances and plump for the former, as this very interesting and varied collection of sav blancs are quite simply summer in a glass.

2019 Loveblock tee – No Sulphur Added – Marlborough – sauvignon blanc

Price: $26.99
Rating: Excellent

Fascinatingly different nose, with florality, geranium, feijoa and pea-pod. Rich and supple entry before a raft of acidity charges in with notes of chamomile, smoke, citrus and apple cider. Totally outside the realm of your ‘typical’ Savvie, this is ‘Sav Blanc, but not as we know it Jim’! Textural, complex and utterly delightful in its point of difference.

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Mark Henderson, Otago Daily Times (January 2021)