Erica and Kim Crawford’s Loveblock is pure New-Zealand terroir

“That final blend, the one that’s in bottles all around Vancouver, jumps out of the glass with jasmine, elderflower, a burst of lime, and fresh-picked, sun-warmed peaches. The first sip of the wine is a good bite into one of those juicy peaches, with muddled lemon, grilled pink grapefruit, and even a few Rainier cherries toward the finish. The acid is vibrant, and it carries bright and shiny minerals, resulting in a gleaming wine that is also opulent and juicy.

It is at once a wine with many complex layers that can be studied and pondered with each swirl and sip and a wine that is, frankly, pretty smashable out of a Solo cup while your barbecue smoulders with halibut or salmon on the grill.” – Kurtis Holt, The Georgia Straight (16th May 2018).

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