New Zealand: Helping Redefine Fine Wine Plus a Buyer’s Guide to some of the Country’s Best

“Fine” wine, traditionally defined by a combination of factors such as long history and pedigree, longevity, scarcity, high price, and a widely held view of exceptional quality and authentic regionality, is under renovation. It’s no longer enough to be good. In addition to the aforementioned qualities, fine wine in the 21st century must also exhibit an increasingly important dimension: sustainability.

Here, I’m talking sustainability in the broadest sense, the adherence to a series of practices that safeguard the environment and economic viability, as well as the well-being of the people involved in the production of wine at every stage. […]

Loveblock Orange Sauvignon Blanc 2019 (now known as Loveblock TEE), Vegan, Sustainable, Marlborough
$27.95, The Vine Agency
John Szabo – The indefatigable Crawfords, Kim and his wife Erica, have been trailblazing for years. While the massive Kim Crawford brand is no longer in their hands, they continue their quest with Loveblock, an organically-certified vineyard in the Awatere Valley. The “orange” is rare a skin-fermented version of sauvignon with a unique twist: green tea powder is used as a natural anti-oxidant instead of sulfur (or nothing at all). And yes, there’s an herbal, zesty note here, though no obvious connection. What I like most is the savoury aspect, the marked salinity that drives through to the finish. It’s an intriguing wine to be sure, one that deserves attention over the course of an evening.

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