Tasting Note: Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc Orange Hits the Mark

This was one of my favorite natural wines from last year, and I was so excited when it was Loveblock. Hailing from New Zealand’s Marlborough region, Loveblock is the winery that is doing so much for the region and this Sauvignon Blanc, made with zero sulfites added, continues to push Marlborough away from one flavor profile.

For some sommeliers, natural wine is something they either love or hate. On one side, there are those who believe wines should go back to “nature” and by adding sulfur and other preservatives to the wine, it detracts from the “original” flavor. Then there are those who argue that natural wines are volatile (which is quite true) and there is no guarantee of flavor or even safety for those drinking the wines as they could spoil. The latter has largely been proven incorrect as natural wines can, and will, age in very similar ways to “traditional” methods.

But unlike other natural wines, Loveblock’s Sauvignon Blanc Orange 2018 uses green tea powder as a natural antioxidant and all viticulture practices were organic. This wine is vegan and well worth searching out.

Tasting Notes:

The wine is herbal with hints of citrus and mandarin orange. A bit of a zesty orange and sweet lemon moves into earthy herbal notes and a slight hint of lemongrass. On the palate, there are stone fruits and bright acidity that show the layers this wine has. White peach and nectarine are up front with a backdrop of soft spice. The finish is long and meanders between a grassy, herbal note and ripe white peaches with hints of jasmine. Drink in the next year or two.

This wine would pair well with more pungent cheeses, oysters and shellfish, but also with roast chicken and lightly sauced pastas.

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