Founder & CEO

You will notice that Erica goes by her first name around Loveblock, this is to respectfully avoid confusion with the brand that carries her name but with which she is no longer involved.

“Falling in love with the view was a part of the Loveblock story. As we converted the sheep paddock to plantable land, we took the decision to tackle Organics, a cause that is deeply personal to me.

This philosophy was anchored when life forced me to carefully and progressively examine the chemical nature of our immediate environment. I slowly started eliminating additives, colorants and stimulants from my diet and life. The effect was cumulative and I gradually embraced Organics.

We have learnt a lot through this process, most importantly that time dictates and that the rhythm of the seasons and land demands submission. It is really exciting to be back making wine and tasting the flavours.

It is the industry I love, it is part of my life.”

Erica, a graduate of the University of Cape Town, started life as an aspirational medical scientist and then progressed to the pharmaceutical industry where she cut her teeth on business principles. Erica made New Zealand home after marrying Kim. They have two children, Rory and Pia.

For nine years, Erica and Kim forged a brand and then sold their company. Loveblock heralds their return to the industry.

Erica is an active member of the Global Women NZ Advisory Board, an organization which works to expand the influence of women and helps to shape and mentor emerging leaders. She holds a number of directorships, both in the wine industry and in other sectors.