Love Leads at Loveblock Winery in New Zealand

“Going organic is a choice, and for us, feels like the right thing to do. Our intention is to nurture the ecosystem of the soil and the vines and give back to its roots as naturally as possible. Ultimately, I believe the resulting wine is better and truer to its terroir.” Erica Crawford, Founder & CEO of Loveblock Winery

When Erica and Kim stood on the hills high above the hustle and bustle of Marlborough’s Awatere Valley, they fell in love with the breathtaking view below and the untamed land at their feet. They aren’t kidding when they say “Loveblock was forged from a love affair with a view and a challenge.”

When Erica founded Loveblock, she hired the best winemaker she knows – her husband and award-winning winemaker Kim. I met Kim several months ago and his commitment to authentic and quality winemaking has earned him well-deserved accolades in New Zealand and around the globe.

I recently interviewed Erica for my Instagram Live series. Watch the video above or on YouTube. During our conversation, we discussed Loveblock’s commitment to low intervention farming, which they believe enables the wine to show its true and naked terroir. We also discussed Erica’s disdain for wine snobs! You’ll even learn why so many wines from New Zealand are bottled under screw cap. Grab a bottle of Loveblock, watch the video, and discover why “Loveblock is a true love story, it is one of depth and dedication.” Erica and I tasted three Loveblock wines during our chat.

Loveblock Pinot Gris 2018, Marlborough ($22.99) 
Dry but fruit-forward with lingering flavors of stone fruit and lime. Quite luscious! 

Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc 2019, Marlborough ($28)
Not aggressively zesty but absolutely vibrant, this elegant Sauvignon Blanc is crisp and juicy with flavors of white peach, tropical fruits, and a hint of herbs. 2% Pinot Gris in the blend adds a lush roundness. Rated 90 points by Wine Spectator and recently featured as their Wine Pick of the Day.

Loveblock Pinot Noir 2018, Central Otago ($29.99)
Rated 93 points by Wine Spectator and #46 on their Top 100 Wines of 2019, this medium-bodied Pinot Noir has vibrant red fruit flavors and a hint of earthy mushroom.”

Watch and taste along with Erica here:

Wanda Mann, Wine With Wanda (May 2020)