Selling A Wine Brand To Make Wines From The Heart

New Zealand is one of those countries, despite being a far-flung destination for most people, that tops most travel bucket lists mainly for its sheer raw beauty that reaches its ultimate wow factor in Central Otago (southern part of the South Island). Although it is now considered one of the most stunning places on Earth, at one time it was an inhospitable place for people. In the late 1800s, Central Otago was one of the largest alluvial gold mining areas in the world and so thousands of men took on the treacherous trip to find themselves in hostile conditions for the chance to find gold. Well, Central Otago was basically a desert back then with not that much growing in terms of these men finding the nutrition they needed; many died of scurvy because of a vitamin C deficiency. As legend has it, one day a local farmer found a body of one of these unknown, young men and he buried him with a coarse wooden cross on his grave that simply said “Someone’s Darling”.

First Name Basis

This story was told by the owner of the vineyards in Central Otago that go by the name “Someone’s Darling”, a man named Kim, or known by the wine drinking world as […] (a famous wine brand) although he, like his wife, Erica, like to go by just their first names as it has been over a decade since they have had anything to do with their previous wine brand. Firstly, it may be a surprise that Kim is a man albeit being a name for men long before it became popular for women. And secondly, that the plan for Kim and Erica all along was to build a successful wine brand, sell it, and then have enough money to buy all their own vineyards so they could start their own winery: Loveblock.

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Cathrine Todd, Forbes (October 2019)