Articles: How a Mug of Rooibos Tea May Revolutionize Winemaking, Somm TV

How a Mug of Rooibos Tea May Revolutionize Winemaking

“Where there’s tea, there is hope.” English playwright, Wing Pinero, may have been onto something in the late 1800s. Centuries later, some winemakers are replacing sulfur with tannins from tea leaves. In 2011, Trevor Strydom had an epiphany when his daughter brought him a cup of Rooibos […]

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Features: On Common Ground, Cuisine Bites

On Common Ground

In a post-COVID world what does Visa Wellington On A Plate bring to the table with regards to tourism, economic development and the telling of the all-important New Zealand food story? The festival runs for the month of October with hundreds of venues right across the greater Wellington region participating, and along with all […]

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Reviews: Vic Williams, NZ Wine Society

2019 Loveblock Marlborough TEE Sauvignon Blanc

Straw and lemon rind aromas, leading to a gently sweet flavour introduction. Nicely integrated acids ensure a creamy texture that accentuates the ripe fruit. A Sauvignon Blanc with real character.

Vic Williams, NZ Wine Society (Oct 2020)

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Reviews: John Bartlett, NZ Wine Directory

2019 Loveblock Marlborough TEE Sauvignon Blanc

Bright pale golden coloured wine with a light oily viscosity. Lovely fragrant florals, oranges & lemons, & just whiff of green herb / tomato stalk aromas in the nose. Gorgeous full & rounded palate, nicely textured with lush stone-fruit & lemony citrus flavours, fresh acidity & a crisp mouth-watering finish. […]

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Features: Uncorked: Unusual climate sets New Zealand vineyards apart, Daily Chronicle

Uncorked: Unusual climate sets New Zealand vineyards apart

Kel Dixon knows New Zealand has a calling card when it comes to wine recognition.

“There’s no doubt sauvignon blanc was the front door,” said Dixon, the winemaker at Whitecliff. “The growth of sauvignon blanc has been monumental. In the last five years, it’s gone from strength to strength. […]

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Features: Erica’s Cauliflower Soup Recipe

Erica’s Cauliflower Soup Recipe

Here’s a family favourite, its substantial and nutty and can be tarted up with cream, nuts, bacon bits, but is totally perfect by itself!

Ingredients:1 Head of cauliflower4-6 Garlic cloves, or to taste2-3 White onions1 Can of cannellini beans1L Vegetable or chicken stock (roughly)Salt (to taste)Pepper (to taste)

Method:Set the oven to 180°C.Break the […]

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